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Avocado is sometimes known as the alligator pear due to the texture of its skin and its pear-like form. Analysts have found no less than 11 vitamins and 17 minerals in avocado, making it a really comprehensive storehouse of the nutritional needs of man.
There’s a high degree of oil which contains the vitamins A, D, and E, and is abundant in the mono-unsaturated fat oleic acid. This type of fat is the principal constituent of olive oil which is rapidly gaining credence for preventing of heart disease. There’s evidence that the leaves and fruits of the avocado have been demonstrated to contain a chemical known to be somewhat toxic to rabbits, goats, horses and canaries. There is not any evidence that there is a threat to person, but for the sake of prudence it’s ideal to have no more than 1 avocado a day whether juiced or fresh.
Happily the fate of this unfortunate canary need not influence the use of avocado juice at the therapy because the best effect is found when the juice is employed as an external application to the skin. Avocado juice is a good way of having a balanced quantity of the oil . The oil is second only to lanolin in being the most penetrating oil known as applied to the human skin.
Yet, unlike lanolin which is thought by many experts to be the cause of more cases of sensitivity to cosmetics than any other ingredient, avocado is emollient and innocuous with no known sensitizing effects. It may therefore be used externally as the ideal remedy for soothing sensitive skins. Avocado reduces ultra violet light and is a helpful sun screening lotion to be used prior to moderate exposure to the suns rays.

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